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It's a growing number of foreign companies that have undertaken trade relations with Italy and have often decided to open a branch office on site to maximise investment and increase sales.

Open up to new horizons is often a challenge in many respects: organization of activities, training of personnel available and the creation of a dedicated team for the coordination of new projects, as well as an expected increase in fixed costs before they develop the feasibility and timing of achieving new goals.|For all those companies that have already started in this direction, and are considering this hypothesis or are simply searching for a representative, a personalized consultancy service has been developed strongly orientated to start-up, to growth and strengthening of sales in Italy and abroad, highly specialized and designed to supplement the resources of foreign companies in those strategic processes essential to follow the evolution of new market, of the possible new branch, it's products and it's relationship with the market.
Requirements:¦Selling outside the geographical boundaries is a challenge that requires extensive knowledge|of many key elements: to create and manage an efficient sales network , business skills and specific marketing, highly technical and strategic, are necessary and a referent able to break down language and cultural barriers to increase the possibility of success.
Often all of this is not easily available within the company structure or too expensive to maintain with common tools available.
The Solution:¦In response to these needs, the temporary management in outsourcing is a valuable resource|that enables the use of Export Strategist as a highly qualified resource with specific training in the identification of areas, of distribution channels and a profound knowledge of the commercial nature of different markets.
The service is structured to provide a competent external support, able to process from the beginning of the collaboration, a realistic analysis for a correct development of the strategy to implement, starting from the choice of markets and passing through the selection of distribution channels with the main objective of generating new sales opportunities compatible with the desires of the customer.
Training:¦The presence of the Export Strategist on site, the active involvement of business managers and the eventual internal sales force|in the activity of setting new standards and the approach to potential new business partners, are two aspects of the complex coaching of a foreign company: innovative and reliable tools necessary to achieve the desired results within a reasonable time and ensure a constant update of training of eventual internal resources within the structure.
Added Value:¦It's with the aid of hundreds and hundreds of databases available, that the search for the most interesting|prospect takes shape and takes the form of a custom database. A custom database, which examines individual distribution channels selected for each market considered and that offers a safe and precise starting point that can lead to the achievement of the planned new results.
Furthermore, for all companies interested in opening a branch office, advise and assistance with red tape and finance, becomes an essential means to make a concrete and realistic analysis of all variables in the field.
Search for suppliers
Italian companies have represented for decades a priceless resource for the world economy, as they offer products and service, characterized by high skills at low cost.
Italy is the No.1 trading partner for many countries in Europe and around the world and is the driving force of an economy linked to the production of goods thanks to the excellent relationship between quality and price.|

Made in Italy is a value that Italy cultivates and is a source of pride as well as a synonym of high quality, not only in reference to the most famous and exported products.
Requirements:¦The search for the most compatible supplier among the hundreds of thousands of Italian producers, can be a challenge for a foreign company that is aware|of the need to make a careful and scrupulous selection, compatible with the value and position it wishes to obtain on markets with it's own brands.
The Solution:¦With the help of hundreds of databases, the selection of the ideal trading partner begins to take shape with the definition of the fundamental characteristics dictated by the company, the needs and objectives to be achieved, moving on to a phase of preliminary research, selection and contact that will conclude following a verification, an audit, acceptance by the client and the signing of a contract if required.|

According to specific needs, it's possible to commission a survey of targeted inquiries, make a comparison among several potential suppliers and eventually proceed with the purchase guided and monitored by a representative on site that will offer assistance up to the delivery of goods.