Exstra - Export Strategy: Services of outsourcing and temporary management.
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Practical help for businesses
With services specifically designed for all foreign companies who wish to introduce or strengthen sales in Italy and around the world: to cross the threshold of national boundaries and expand one's business has never been so simple and straight forward!
Think, plan and act is the result of a service that incorporates the perfect balance between strategy and action: it is important to know how to move, to put into practise this knowledge is the key to success.
An international team of specialists at the service of all businesses that wish to have a representative on site, with the specific objective of acquiring and developing important sales orders to consolidate or start one's business in a foreign country.

A simple service, accurate and punctual aimed at 360° to all companies, whether they have a catalogue product, whether they offer a service on account of manufacture, customized products or services to businesses.
The adaptability of the strategic and operational phase, allows unlimited possibilities for action, thus results.
Research clients
It's a growing number of foreign companies that have undertaken trade relations with Italy and have often decided to open a branch office on site to maximise investment and increase sales.

Open up to new horizons is often a challenge in many respects: organization of activities, training of personnel available and the creation of a dedicated team for the coordination of new projects, as well as an expected increase in fixed costs before they develop the feasibility and timing of achieving new goals.
Search for suppliers
Italian companies have represented for decades a priceless resource for the world economy, as they offer products and service, characterized by high skills at low cost.
Italy is the No.1 trading partner for many countries in Europe and around the world and is the driving force of an economy linked to the production of goods thanks to the excellent relationship between quality and price.